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IMPORTANT:  Corona-virus

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Dear customer, 

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus is creating uncertain times in the world. All of us are advised not to travel at this moment to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. We all wish everyone remains in good health and we wish you all strength for the coming time. 

Most of you were looking forward to their holiday in our destinations we offer. All (most) of the activities around the world are paused. Ticketbar offers tickets in more than 50 cities. As this situation was unexpected we are now gathering all the information we need from our partners to give you the service you deserve. 

Because of the large amount of requests we receive for refunds we had to stop answering your email to be able to focus on doing the right thing regarding cancellations. Therefore we will get back to you regarding refunds in the coming weeks. Since a lot of offices from museums/attractions are empty right now this takes longer than usual. 

We highly appreciate your understanding and patience in these uncertain times and we are working hard to make sure we overcome this.